A Tribute to Author Sherri Graves Smith

As an author, Sherri was an absolute delight to work with and always brought new ideas to the table with each one of her stories. It was clear that writing was one of her many passions and she put her heart and soul into it. In her Game Day Rules series, Sherri brought the excitement of sports to…

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Veteran’s Day Reads The ABC of the Army

In honor of Veteran’s Day, check out these great military titles. Find out all about the largest branch in the United States Armed Forces with The ABCs of the Army.You’ll learn what it takes to be in the Army, while learning your ABCs too! From basic combat training to the Old Guard, this book offers…

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How to set theme features section with icons?

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing! First you will need to create some pages with content, after that you can follow this video tutorial for more information. Change Icons Marvy theme using Themify Icons which provides a set of icons for use in web design and…

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