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The following articles were previously published by Conducive Chronicle, which was an online social issues magazine that is no longer in operation. The citation links are unavailable for the versions listed here. For anyone interested, original articles can be found via the Wayback Machine service.

Paths of Truth and Progress: Two Ailing and Discordant Worldviews

Is humankind in the midst of a radical and unprecedented transmutation of its collective society?  On the surface, we can witness well-known changes.  These can be labeled beneficial, such as in radical advances in computer and medical technology.  Or changing circumstances exist as challenges, such as...

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The oretical Trends and their Promise for Societal Change

Most of us have been raised to believe in one version of reality. We were taught that we are a part of species that arose from a lengthy process of evolution and happened to develop an ability to be conscious and self-aware.  As part of that story, we were told that...

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The Corporation, Globalization, and their Pathologies and Potential

As we emerge from a long and deep economic and psychological blow to the American foundation, we find ourselves dusting off clothes, patching wounds, and clearing rubble.  The quake felt first in the board rooms of select but behemoth companies, spread in tsunami-like fashion around...

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The Promise of our Global Reality

For good and bad, the family with which we must now identify is the global one. Few communities operate in isolation in a world interlinked by technology, trade, and politics. Some would argue that globalization, as was chronicled in Part I of this series, has...

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Behind Annual Catastrophe: A Push to Elevate Values?

As our hearts ache watching the images of Japan’s Eastern Shores and our anger stirred by another nature-spawned tastrophe worsened by human imperfection, many of us pray for those affected by the tsunami and radiation fall-out in the Pacific. In this two part article, I will...

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The Great Recession-Catalyst for Psychological Growth

In light of last month’s tragedy in Japan, I addressed natural disasters in the first installment of this two part article that searches for deeper meaning behind global catastrophe.   Here, I continue to explore the positive side of tragedy by shedding light on our recent wake-up call now known...

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