About the author

Dr. Bowman is a psychotherapist and independent scholar. He has over twenty-five years of human service experience in many roles helping many populations. His areas of academic specialty include transpersonal psychology, new paradigm studies, and contemporary esotericism (mysticism).
He has adapted his doctoral research into a two volume set entitled, “Channeled Philosophy on the Evolution of Consciousness.” In so doing, he is helping bridge and update psychology, spirituality, philosophy, and science for both theory and practice. Such information can inform practitioners, consumers, self-help seekers, and advocates of change, across institutions, at a time of rapid growth and transition.
As a therapist, Bowman is ensconced in both traditional and alternative orientations to best suit his clientele suffering from mundane to more existential maladies. As a life coach, he is able to introduce a unique methodology with the focus on helping and teaching the client to grow with support, focus, positive intent, and creativity, so that one can manifest one’s true purpose and hopes while also alleviating fears, anxieties, and relationship discord.