“Channeled Philosophy” on the Evolution of Consciousness

Volume 1: The Bridged Reality

by Craig Bowman
Dr. Bowman integrates six bodies of channeled literature and shows that a valid philosophy exists to separate grand stages of individual and collective experience on Earth and beyond. Pertinent to the claim of today’s evolutionary leap, is the notion that we are acclimating to a new experience of space-time that heightens our maturity and psychospiritual integration. As a result, change promises a movement toward greater unity after what has been a long meta-era of individuation, fear, and illusory consciousness. Such contemporary metaphysical insight helps inform humanity at a time of immense change and importance.
Channeled Philosophy is a very ambitious, exceptionally thorough and well-done study, given how much it is tackling. No one before Bowman took on this task of analyzing channeled content so comprehensively.”
— Jon Klimo, author of Channeling: Investigations on Receiving Information from Paranormal Sources

“Channeled Philosophy” on the Evolution of Consciousness

Volume 2: The Great Transition

by Craig Bowman
In this second of two volumes, Dr. Bowman completes the task of integrating six branches of channeled teachings. Where Volume One showed how such sources depict a changing metaphysical environment to help bridge spirit with matter and soul with mind, Volume Two unpacks an expected transition across human experience and ability, as well as human institutions, as the century unfolds. As a result, we gain a much clearer understanding of what a new age really means.
“Bowman has done what seems to be the definitive study to date on what the channeled material has been saying about ‘the current transformative shift.’ In the Great Transition, Bowman also provides a crucial, hitherto for missing piece of the puzzle with regard to the channeling phenomenon and its related New Age, perennial philosophy, and new paradigm ideas and movements.”
— Jon Klimo, Ph.D.
“This is the first study to deeply look at the content of channeled literature, and to examine it across a variety of channeled sources to reveal a sophisticated and common philosophy underneath. In doing so, it illuminates the latest wisdom stream being revealed to the human mind, one that is preparing us for collective shifts to come. These volumes are thus not only a useful study of a little explored philosophical phenomenon, they are also fascinating and educational guidebooks that stimulate insights as to how humanity may participate in its own evolution more fully.”
— Marguerite Rigoglioso, Ph.D Author of The Cult of Divine Birth in Ancient Greece


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